March 2018

I took home first place at the Edmonton Art Battle city finals!

IMG 2911

August 2015

I had such a successful art show at the Garage Photographic Studio. Teaming up with 2 other Edmonton artists made it that more exciting. Can't wait for the next one!


January 2013

I had the great opportunity to paint with Edmonton's own Lucy the elephant.The painting began with me doing an abstact background with purples and whites. Then when I got to the Zoo I mixed some darker purples and some black (Lucy uses only non-toxic acrylic paints). Lucy has graduated from having the paintbrush placed in her trunk to choosing the brush herself. She painted as much as she wanted with a certain colour, and once she was finished she handed the brush back to me. The brush strokes depend highly on Lucy’s own mood. Lucy definitely has her own style!

Empire Custom Artwork 2016